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December, 14

The Wanted: We'll crack the US!

The Wanted are attempting to break the tough US market - with TV cameras following them along the way.

The boyband are beginning to receive airplay across the water, and Channel 4 are set to make a fly-on-the-wall documentary about their bid to make it.

Tom Parker told The Star: "Glad You Came has just been added to the playlist on Kiss FM in LA, so that's about 40 adds in America now. It's growing really fast for us. We're speaking to a really big management so once that deal is done and we get a few more radio adds I think it's going to really take off."

The Wanted received a step on the ladder after Britney Spears tweeted a picture of herself hanging out with the band backstage during her UK tour.

And with a Channel 4 late-night documentary in the pipeline, UK fans should be able to keep track of their developments.

Nathan Sykes explained: "It's going to be all the stuff leading up to the tour so we're gonna be... panicking like hell about the tour, going to America before that, then we have three days rehearsal before we start our UK arena tour."

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