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August, 31

Alanis feeling new love as a woman

Alanis feeling new love as a woman

Alanis Morissette is feeling a little more appreciated as a woman these days.

The Canadian singer aims to reflect her view of the new post-feminist movement in her new album, Havoc And Bright Lights.

Alanis said: "[It's] the whole shifting of the misogynistic, chauvinistic, patriarchal thing into what this new climate is slowly becoming, which is the celebration of the alpha-empowered woman.

"There's a new climate that I'm noticing, I don't know if you are, of women just being loved and respected and honoured in a way that even 10 years [ago] I didn't notice."

The Grammy-award winning singer also spoke about seeing herself in old videos from her debut album Jagged Little Pill.

She said: "I think, 'She's cute - nice hair, she looks a little greasy'. She's like a little sister almost."

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