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January, 20

Payne in Duck Dynasty twitter rant

Payne in Duck Dynasty twitter rant

Liam Payne has launched a tirade on Twitter against "lazy journos" who interpreted his admiration of TV show Duck Dynasty as an endorsement of homophobia.

The One Direction star had tweeted he was a fan of the reality TV show about Louisiana family The Robertsons. Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson recently gave a controversial interview to GQ in which he described homosexuality as "sinful" and compared it to idolatry, bestiality and terrorism.

Liam tweeted the show's Willie Robertson saying: "@williebosshog huge love to you/your family huge respect for your business prosperities and the family values you still all behold. big fan."

Several showbiz gossip sites then accused Liam of supporting homophobia.

The boyband star deleted the tweet and hit back: "Being a fan of someones show and the way they still hold a family together doesnt mean i am ok with all they say.

He added: "I just watched a show and I liked it as most people do stop sitting in my twitter and do your research #lazyjournos"

And after an expletive-filled rant he admitted he would be in trouble for using bad language on his Twitter page.

He wrote: "Can't wait for the call tomorrow where I get told of for cussing had to be said like I said before much worse has happened In the world."

Liam, 20, recently had to apologise after a photograph emerged online of him standing on the ledge of a high-rise building.

The boyband star described what he did as "extremely dangerous", adding that it was "stupid" and "irresponsible".

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