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January, 21

Albarn inspired by sheep, traffic

Albarn inspired by sheep, traffic

Damon Albarn has revealed that his inspiration for his solo song Everyday Robots came from sheep and traffic jams.

The Blur frontman, who has also led group Gorillaz, is branching out on his own with a recently announced solo album and has debuted the first track.

He told The Sun: "Lyrically, the song was inspired by two things - watching sheep on a hill in Devon at sunset, and when Blur played Coachella festival last year, we were stuck in a traffic jam for hours.

"All I could see out of the window were people in cars, on their phones. Nature and technology come up throughout the album."

The video shows a digital animation of Damon's skull and he joked: "It was the easiest video I ever made. Two minutes to get my head scanned."

Damon's album, also titled Everyday Robots, is due out on April 28.

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