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October, 5

Pink still struggles to 'figure out' how to balance work with family life

Pink is still struggling to juggle her career with her family, as her life isn't a "simple puzzle anymore".

The 38-year-old singer is releasing a short film called On the Record: P!nk - Beautiful Trauma to coincide with her upcoming seventh album, also called Beautiful Trauma, with both to be released on 13 October (17).

In an exclusive clip obtained by Pink, real name Alecia Beth Moore, opens up about her difficulty balancing different areas of her everyday life, especially when it comes to her kids with husband Carey Hart, six-year-old daughter Willow Sage and little boy Jameson Moon, born at the end of December last year (16).

“I would like to put everything I am and everything I have into everything that I do,” the musician explains in the Apple Music movie. “I’d say the hardest part is just trying to figure it all out. I signed up for this when I was 16 and now I have children and I have a marriage.

“I just want to always make sure that I’m doing right by them. It’s not a simple puzzle anymore - it’s not just me.”

A trailer has also been released for the project, in which the So What hitmaker runs through the process of making an album. Pointing out there's "so many moving pieces" and a lot of heart that goes into completing a record, she then proceeds to list each step of the journey, starting with studio sessions and writing the songs.

"Then you have to finish the songs and somebody’s in New York and somebody’s in Philadelphia. Then maybe there’s a choir in Philadelphia and then it’s photo shoots, it’s video shoots, and then you’re in dance rehearsals,” she grins, adding on festival concerts and preparing for a regular tour.

"So it’s rehearsals and it’s putting on shows and then your six-year-old has surf camp and your eight-year-old has a vaccination and then your album’s out.”

Fans can see Pink perform her new record on her newly-announced Beautiful Trauma World Tour 2018, a 40-date stint that takes her across North America starting in Phoenix, Arizona on 1 March and ending in Los Angeles, California on 2 June.

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