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Carly Rae Jepsen officiates friends' wedding

Carly Rae Jepsen officiates friends' wedding

Carly Rae Jepsen turned wedding officiant over the weekend (30Sep-01Oct17) to help marry two of her close friends.

The Call Me Maybe singer shared a series of pictures on Instagram from the recent outdoor ceremony, including one which showed her reading from a book in front of a microphone while bride Alex Jillian holds hands with her husband-to-be Tony Marino as they stand opposite each other underneath an archway.

"That time I got to marry my two best friends. It was a good day. Yas!!!" she wrote in the caption, while Alex shared the same picture and added, "@carlyraejepsen gave us the most beautiful ceremony it could not have been more perfect."

Carly, who wore a pale pink strapless gown, had announced her wedding day role earlier this week by uploading a funny snap of the couple and their stand-in officiant at a rehearsal.

"Move over Charles! Today I get to marry two of my best friends in the world. @tonytouchmarino + @alexjillian forever and ever," she wrote.

The 31-year-old later posted a throwback picture of her and Alex and added, "Girl on da right is a married lass now! Here's us struggling home from a trip to Japan. @alexjillian."

Carly isn't the first celebrity wedding officiant - she follows in the footsteps of stars such as Emma Stone, Kesha, and Sharon Stone, who have all helped marry their pals, while Tom Hanks got ordained to officiate Girls actress Allison Williams' wedding to Ricky Van Veen in 2015.

"He should marry everyone. He is the most ideal officiant of all time. As good as we thought he was gonna be, he was just so great. He was so excellent," Allison raved to U.S. host Jimmy Fallon last year.

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