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November, 28

Emma Bunton wants Katy Perry to replace Victoria Beckham for Spice Girls tour

Emma Bunton has joked Katy Perry would be the perfect replacement for Victoria Beckham on the upcoming Spice Girls tour.

Emma, Mel B, Mel C and Geri Horner announced earlier this month (Nov18) that they will be heading out on a U.K. tour in 2019, with hopes that it may expand into a worldwide jaunt. Victoria turned down the offer to relive her Spice Girls days, citing her busy work schedule as the reason, and in an interview on Britain's Heart FM on Tuesday (27Nov18), Emma and Mel B pondered who they could enlist to stand in for Posh Spice.

When Emma's radio co-host Jamie Theakston asked them who their dream Posh stand-in would be, Mel replied, "That's really rude, she's not replaceable," before Emma jumped in, "You can't do that... but Katy Perry."

She quickly added: "I'm joking. It's a joke."

However, by that point, Mel had jumped on the Katy bandwagon, and mused: "But that would be good actually, just for one song."

While Victoria declined the chance to join her bandmates on their reunion tour, she did wish them well and said she would definitely be in the audience for one of their shows.

And Mel said in a previous interview that she is going to do her utmost to persuade Victoria to make a cameo appearance at one of the gigs.

"It's just the four of us, but she might join us at some point. I hope so. I think it would be a shame if she didn't," Mel said. "She's got a full-on life with her commitments and the fashion line and her kids, so she's not committing just yet."

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