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December, 2

X Factor: Celebrity fans accuse Pussycat Dolls of 'miming' during comeback

The Pussycat Dolls reunited for their first performance together in ten years tonight and fans were left divided.

The Pussycat Dolls were accused of miming by X Factor: Celebrity fans as they reunited to perform together in the live final.

They're known for their steamy dance routines and sexy lyrics and the girls gave the crowd exactly that during tonight's show.

But fans pointed out one thing that annoyed them as they accused the popular girl band of miming.

Taking to Twitter , fans shared their thoughts on the girls' performance after a decade of being off stage.

One frustrated viewer wrote: " @TheXFactor@pussycatdolls , pretty much Nicole ft 4 backing dancers! Not to mention miming on a singing contest, absolute cringe!"

Another slammed: "Pussycat dolls can't sing they where miming on stage while Nicole has the cheek that jenny couldn't sing Hilarious".

And a third added: "Don’t know what was worse the miming or the dancing".

Others were left outraged by the lack of clothing the girls seemed to be wearing, particularly X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger.

"Where did they leave their clothes, kinda inappropriate for a family tv show?" one fan asked.

Another criticised: "What did I just watch?! Not sure what was worse, the outfits or the lip syncing."

A few fans even compared the girl group to current sensations Little Mix.

"People complaining about #PussyCatDolls outfits on #XFactorCelebrity er haven't you seen #LittleMix ", one shared.

The talented girl band got together to perform some of their old hit songs and had news to share with fans as they announced a 2020 tour.

The Pussycat Dolls exploded onto the music scene back in 2005 with the release of their song Don’t Cha - a sizzling RnB pop smash featuring the rap skills of music legend Busta Rhymes.

The song was a worldwide hit - topping the charts in the UK and setting the band on a path to success.

They released two albums - the multi-million selling debut PCD in 2005, and 2008 follow-up Doll Domination.

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