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March, 18

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Host a Coronavirus Concert: All the Highlights from Inside Their Home

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Host a Coronavirus Concert: All the Highlights from Inside Their Home

John Legend sure knows how to put on a show — even from the comfort of his bath robe.

On Tuesday afternoon, PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive, 41, hosted a live show from inside his home alongside wife Chrissy Teigen who eventually joined in on the fun wearing a fan-voted “simple house towel” as her attire. The model, 34, asked fans to weigh in on her livestream concert outfit by casting their votes through a poll she shared on Twitter Tuesday morning.

“Simple house towel” beat out her more traditional clothing options of “pink mini,” “orange [dress]” or “sequin gown.”

Legend began his performance with Stevie Wonder’s classic song “Love's in Need of Love Today.” After concluding the tune, Legend revealed that he performed the same song when he auditioned to play the piano in what is now one of Lauryn Hill’s hit songs, “Everything is Everything.”

“Hey everybody, I am officially live, as promised, I am pants-less,” he joked before explaining his wardrobe. “I have a robe on and no pants, but I do have underwear on in case you’re curious. So what songs do you wanna hear?”

Telling the story behind his first song of choice, Legend said, “Little fun fact, I played that song when I auditioned for Lauryn Hill.”

“I played on a song called “Everything Is Everything” on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” Legend recalled before replaying the iconic piano sound from the hit song. “When I played that on the album I was nobody, I was just a junior at the University of Pennsylvania. Nobody knew who I was at the time.”

“And you’re still nobody,” Teigen quipped in the background before appearing on-camera.

“And I’m still nobody according to Chrissy,” Legend joked. The superstar then shared that he had plans to drop out of college at one point in hopes to pursue his music career on tour with Hill, 44.

“I eventually auditioned for her tour as well and I was gonna drop out of college to go on her tour if she picked me, but she did not pick me so I graduated,” he said with a laugh. “So, that’s my story and that was one of the most influential albums of that moment in my life and for a lot of other people, it was very influential too. Part of what inspired me to want to make my own records.”

Legend continued his performance and played various song requests. The duo even performed the theme song to reality show Vanderpump Rules and at one point, Teigen jokingly played the piano — using her butt. Their daughter Luna, who turns 4 on April 14 also made an appearance. Teigen dished on a time when she and Legend temporarily broke up.

The “Conversations in the Dark” star closed out the show by performing “All of Me" as Teigen sat atop his piano. Teigen told fans that she no longer reacts to the song emotionally, though she did the first time he played it for her.

“Before that song got popular, I had already been listening to it for a year and a half,” she told the audience. “I cried when he sang it to me the first time, he whispered into my ear and I cried. After that, no. It became everybody’s song which is awesome. I prefer it to be everybody’s song, but don’t have an emotional reaction to it.”

Teigen urged fans to tune in later Tuesday for a second round of livestreaming, but this time, from her Cravings by Chrissy Teigen Instagram account.

She shared a live teaser video on her Twitter and their 22-month-old son Miles made a guest appearance.

“If you want to get dirtier, we’re going to cook. John’s gonna actually drink. John’s gonna fry chicken,” Teigen said. “I’m gonna go live on the Cravings by Chrissy Teigen Instagram. We’re gonna cook and we’re gonna get drunk and try to take care of our kids I guess.” “Optional,” Legend joked.

“They say there might be a corona baby boom after all this, I have music that will help you,” Legend assured fans before Teigen interjected. “I told you I wanted a third baby, you said no.”

Legend and Teigen’s livestreams are in efforts to help entertain those who are quarantined as the coronavirus pandemic develops.

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