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February, 17

Blake Lively Jokes About Beyoncé Idea After Gaining Attention For Taylor Swift Video (But Now I Need It)

Blake Lively is known for her many acting credits, but recently she showed off her directing chops for the first time when she helmed Taylor Swift’s music video “I Bet You Think About Me.” The video that starred Miles Teller and Taylor Swift went viral and was recently nominated for Video of the Year by the Academy of Country music. In light of the recognition, Lively is dishing out some classic jokes about what she’ll do next in the music industry, which include name-dropping Beyoncé. 

Following the nomination announcements, Blake Lively attended the Michael Kors show at New York Fashion Week and commented on her recent foray into music video directing. In her words: 

Now Taylor Swift hasn’t been a pure country star in some time, of course. The singer has established herself as a pop singer in recent years, but when she re-released her album Red this fall, she surprised fans with ten bonus tracks “from the vault” that she wrote while making the 2012 record but never released as part of Red. One of them being “I Bet You Think About Me,” which is one of Swift’s more country-like songs as of late. Check out the video: 

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively have been friends for over five years (alongside being friends with her husband Ryan Reynolds as well), and it’s pretty cute Lively’s first time getting behind the camera was to bring one of the singer’s visions to life. When speaking to ET, Lively was asked what artist she’d like to direct next and she said this: 

Of course, this is Blake Lively, and she likes to troll every so often, especially when it involves Ryan Reynolds, so the Beyoncé quip is more so a journey to the extreme. That being said, Lively sees great promise as a filmmaker, and if she aspired to make a Beyoncé music video, I’m totally down for it. Like, what would that even be? I’m so intrigued! 

I could also totally see Blake Lively going for a director credit in a feature film someday too. Many actresses have turned to filmmaking as of late, such as Halle Berry for Netflix’s Bruised or Maggie Gyllenhaal for The Lost Daughter, which was featured among the 2022 Oscar nominations. 

Coming up next for Blake Lively acting-wise is a romance called The Making Of, which stars Lin-Manuel Miranda, Richard Gere and Diane Keaton, and a thriller called The Husband’s Secret. We’ll have to see how Blake Lively does at the ACM Awards! She’s up against some big names! The ceremony will stream for those with an Amazon Prime subscription on March 7. 

Photo: provided by CinemaBlend
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