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February, 23

Sheffield Roy 'Chubby' Brown fans criticise decision to allow Jimmy Carr to perform

Sheffield residents have given their thoughts on whether a controversial comedian should be allowed to perform in the city after the recent Jimmy Carr controversy.

Jimmy Carr is still scheduled to perform at Sheffield City Hall in March despite criticism for making a joke about Roma people in the Holocaust. The comments were condemned by the Holocaust Memorial Trust and others.

Sheffield City Hall cancelled comedian Roy 'Chubby' Brown's performance at the venue last year after thousands petitioned for it to be axed.

Sheffield City Trust runs the venue, and cancelled Brown's performance over concerns about racism, sexism and homophobia in his show.

Sheffield Council supported the decision after formally debating a petition to reinstate Brown's show.

However, some residents have said they think it's unfair that Carr should be able to perform and not Brown.

Elaine Thompson said: "People should have a choice of who they want to see and that choice is to go and see them or stop at home."

Similarly, Neil Campsall wrote: "Chubby performed at the City Hall for years, you know what you are getting with him so if you don't like it don't go."

Patrick Holder accused the council of being "woke".

Carol Irons Green said that neither should be there, writing that Jimmy Carr "shouldn't be there, one rule for one and one for another."

Others also added that they thought the different approaches were unfair.

Protestors came out at in September 2021 when Brown performed in Whitby, saying he ' did not reflect the values of the town '.

Middleton and Swansea have also cancelled his performances before.

Brown has had his show axed before in Nottinghamshire by order of Ashfield District Council, and was also nearly prevented from performing in Oldham back in 2006 after the council said his material was offensive.

Sheffield City Trust have confirmed Jimmy Carr's performances will go ahead despite the joke.

A spokesman said: “The Jimmy Carr performances at Sheffield City Hall will go ahead in line with the rest of the theatres also hosting the performances across the UK.

“The booking was scheduled long before these comments came to light as the show was booked for September 2020 but postponed due to the pandemic.

“Sheffield City Trust does not in any way condone the comments made by Jimmy Carr and we have been assured by the promoter that the show does not repeat any material from Jimmy’s recent Netflix special His Dark Material.”

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