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June, 29

‘Elvis’ Movie Boosts Viewing on Vevo, Thank You Very Much

Vevo’s Elvis Presley catalogue has gotten a big boost from the release of the new film Elvis.

The music video streaming service said that views across the entire collection of videos, concerts and specials more than doubled over the film’s opening weekend.

Views of Elvis performing If I Can Dream and Jailhouse Rock from his ‘68 Comeback Special were almost five times higher over the weekend compared to the previous 10 weekends. The film, starring Austin Butler as the King of Rock 'n' Roll and Tom Hanks as manager Col. Tom Parker, replicates the 1968 special in great detail.

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If I Can Dream was the most viewed Elvis music video on Vevo over the weekend, followed by Presley's Can’t Help Falling in Love and Suspicious Minds.

The short film A Boy From Tupelo increased its views by 22 times as fans refreshed their recollections of the Presley’s story, Vevo said. ■

Photo: provided by NextTV
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