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July, 27

Toni Collette and Ice T mourn Sinead O'Connor after death

Toni Collette, Ice T, and others have paid tribute to the late Sinead O'Connor.

After the No Man's Woman singer died on Wednesday aged 56, other celebrities took to social media with tribute posts for the late star.

"I adored this woman from afar as a teenager. I will always admire her," the Muriel's Wedding actress wrote in her post. "I was lucky enough to hang out with her a few times in my twenties. On one occasion we all sang in the hills of Wicklow in Eire."

Sinead was born in Dublin in December 1966. She briefly moved to Waterford with the band Ton Ton Macoute so she could attend Newtown School, but later moved back to Dublin.

"I sang a Jane Siberry song and Sinead then asked/encouraged me to sing one of my own. Can you imagine the terror? The intimidation? The thrill?" Toni continued. "She was so talented, so generous, humble, resilient, courageous and true. What a voice. What a force."

The actress concluded, "My heart breaks. Rest in real peace Sinead."

The Lane rapper gave his "respect" to the late singer, arguing that "She stood for something... Unlike most people."

He finished his post with, "Rest easy."

Sinead is survived by her three children: 34-year-old Jake Reynolds, 27-year-old Roisin Waters, and 16-year-old Yeshua Bonadio. Her son Shane Lunny died aged 17 last year.

"I saw Sinead live many times. First time when I was 12. With my sister, with my mom. My wife and I listened to her all the time," said comedian Rob Delaney on Twitter. "My son Henry listened to her & I think about him when I listen to her now. I was so sad when her son died. I love her."

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