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December, 19

Rihanna surprised baby son Riot doesn't have her forehead

Rihanna was shocked when her youngest child didn’t inherit the same forehead as her.

The Barbadian singer and partner A$AP Rocky have sons RZA, 19 months, and four-month-old Riot.

Talking to Access Hollywood about motherhood, 35-year-old Rihanna shared her hopes and dreams for her family – and also the physical differences between her two boys.

“I hope that I can have kids one day and I hope I can have them in love and I hope that I can be part of a family that breaks generational curses and just like, moves forward and does new things and raises our kids better than we've been raised,” she opened up. “And every – all the beautiful things and it’s happening and I can’t believe it.

“The only thing I can imagine was probably the forehead on RZA, I mean Riot doesn't have it! I'm like, wait are you sure? You can't lose this thing!”

After laughing about the shape of her face, she then got serious when asked about how it felt watching A$AP Rocky, 35, become a dad.

The two music stars began dating in late 2020, and Rihanna confirms their relationship is even better since they welcomed their children.

“Oh I loved him differently as a dad. This is major, major… it’s a turn on,” she praised. “Wow, what a leader what a great patient loving… And my kids are obsessed with him. I’m just a background, like I’m an extra. Yup. Yup, it happens.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s girls or boys, they love their dad differently and I love to see it.”

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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