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February, 20

Usher regrets smacking Nicki Minaj's bum at 2014 VMAs

Usher regrets smacking Nicki Minaj on the bum at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

During an appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show on Monday, the Yeah! hitmaker expressed regret after a video of him slapping the rapper's behind during their VMAs performance resurfaced on social media.

"That was Jamaican culture. So you gotta go to Jamaica. That was just a moment that was fun," Usher explained.

In clips of the performance, the musician could be seen on his knees playing the bass as he repeatedly bumped his head against the rapper's bum.

"By the way, it was me playing my bass, so I probably would've bumped my shoulder or my hand, but I had my bass in my hand and I was playing, so I kind of bopped off her body a little bit," the OMG hitmaker continued. "If you go back and look at the video, you'll understand because I did it there for the first time. That was a little bit of Jamaican culture."

Usher then admitted he may have gone too far, in hindsight.

"I think I was reaching a bit when I smacked her though, I shouldn't have smacked her butt," he told the hosts Charlamagne tha God and Jess Hilarious.

The clip of the performance resurfaced after Usher was criticised for wrapping his arms around Alicia Keys as they sang their song My Boo during the Super Bowl Halftime Show earlier this month.

"It was literally about having fun because of a song that me and Alicia made many years ago," he insisted. "And we celebrate it because of the legacy of it. And no disrespect to anybody or anything."

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