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February, 21

Beyoncé's dad reveals she loved country music as a baby

Beyoncé's dad has revealed that she loved country music as a baby.

Following the release of the music superstar's country songs Texas Hold 'Em and 16 Carriages, her father has revealed that she has been a country music fan from a young age.

In a new interview with the BBC Asian Network, Matthew Knowles explained that Beyoncé often spent time with her country music-loving grandfather in Alabama as a child.

"When Beyoncé was a little baby, and I'm talking two-three years old, she would go down and spend the summer with my parents," the record executive said. "And her grandfather - my father - loved country music, and he used to sing to her. At an early age, she heard this music."

Matthew, 72, added, "And when you're two, three years old, subconsciously music stays in your head."

During the interview, Matthew - who was his daughter's manager until 2011 - noted that he "wouldn't be surprised" if Beyoncé's crossover from R&B and pop to country music was inspired by her early years.

Beyoncé revealed she was gearing up to release a country album in an advert that aired during the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show.

The Halo hitmaker released the first two tracks from the forthcoming album on 11 February.

Matthew noted that although Beyoncé's upcoming album will be her first country album, she had already released a country song years ago.

"On a previous album (Lemonade, 2016), there's a country song Daddy Lessons," he pointed out.

The forthcoming album, which will be the second act of her 2022 Renaissance album, will be released on 29 March.

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