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March, 3

Kylie does a 'shoey' at the BRIT Awards

Kylie Minogue showed off the Aussie tradition of doing a "shoey" at the BRIT Awards.

Host Roman Kemp convinced the 55-year-old singer to take part in the "Aussie tradition" of drinking alcohol out of a shoe in between award presentations.

After producing a pair of black stilettos, Ronan asked, "So will Kylie Minogue do a shoey with me at the Brits? If I ask for your shoe, can I do that?"

After hesitating, Kylie asked the crowd, "Do I do this?"

Ronan then filled the stilettos with Kylie's signature rosé wine and the pair both drank from a shoe.

The stunt came before Kylie won the Global Icon gong at the awards ceremony.

"I really tried to think hard about what to say tonight but I knew I couldn’t plan anything and I knew it’d be just about the emotion," she told the audience.

"For some of you it’s been a lifetime - 36 years and counting of experiences together and the thing that really gets me is the love of music and connection with people … I have friends in this room that I’ve worked with through the years."

She also performed a medley of her greatest hits. She last performed at the BRITs in 2008.

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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