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March, 2

Mel B credits fiance Rory McPhee with helping her learn 'how to love again'

Mel B has spoken about how her relationship with fiance Rory McPhee has helped her know "how to love again."

The former Spice Girl opened up about her husband-to-be, in an interview with Red magazine.

"Rory’s given me the ability to understand what honest, true love looks like and what trust looks like with boundaries. It’s very nurturing and very giving. We understand each other. I never thought I’d know how to love again."

Mel, 48, has claimed she suffered physical and mental abuse from her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte during their 10 years of marriage. Stephen denies the allegations.

The pair split in 2016 and Mel moved back to the UK from the US where she'd been living with Stephen.

Rory, 35, was Mel's hairdresser, and the pair started dating in 2018. They got engaged in 2022, and are believed to be getting married later this year in St Paul's Cathedral.

In the interview, Mel apologised to her fellow Spice Girls for "shutting the door" on them during her marriage to Stephen.

"(The 2019 tour) reminded me how I was before anything really bad started happening," she said. "But it was also the first time I’d looked the girls in the face and said, 'I’m sorry I shut the door on you when all that stuff was happening.'"

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