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March, 12

Pharrell Williams stops gig early due to dangerous crowd activity

Pharrell Williams left the stage early at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix after the crowd refused to listen to him.

The Happy singer was performing on Saturday when he told the crowd that throwing their light-up wristbands on to the stage was dangerous.

"This is the liveliest city right now on the planet but we have also got to be the safest," he told the audience. "I know you guys are excited and I know you are wanting to throw your wrist gadgets and lights and all that, but you can’t as the girls are dancing. And me? I love women, how about you?”

He added, "We must protect our women so if you want to throw them lights you have to throw them the other way, not at the stage. Who understands what I’m saying? Let’s take those stupid wristbands and throw them in the air right now when I count to three. And now we are done.”

When the crowd continued to throw the wristbands, Pharrell left the stage - 15 minutes before his set was due to finish.

"OK, I am going to let you all finish,” he said, before walking off.

The star had previously been criticised for performing in a country which is renowned for his appalling human rights record.

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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