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March, 10

Reneé Rapp admits dating in the public eye was 'hard at first'

Reneé Rapp has admitted that dating in the public eye was "hard at first".

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the singer/actress reflected on her public relationship with TikTok star Alissa Carrington.

"I've dated people in the public and I went through a relationship, then a breakup last year," Reneé said. "It was hard at first. It also depends on the person you're with, and that can make it tough, and that can make you just want to cry all the time, and it did and it does."

The Sex Lives of College Girls star noted there are ups and downs with dating in the spotlight.

"It can be tough sometimes and really lovely other times, when I feel held and brought back to reality," she explained. "And also when I'm just so like, 'I'm good. It's OK.' I feel good about why I'm in this and why someone's with me. That feels amazing. It's person-specific, but it's also hard, and a f**king nightmare sometimes."

It was first reported that Reneé was dating the social media personality in August 2023, after she shared a video of them appearing close on TikTok.

The Mean Girls star has previously spoken out about regretting making her relationship public.

"I swore up and down I would never be in a public relationship and then I just found someone who I really loved and made me feel really safe and comfortable," she told People in August. "So then I started posting with this person, and then it became a whole thing. Now I'm like, f**k, I have to deal with the consequences of my own actions of publicly co-signing someone as my partner."

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