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March, 5

Selena Gomez says she’s ‘finally’ happy

Selena Gomez has shared she's finally experiencing "joy and curiosity" these days.

The Only Murders in the Building star, who has lived through well-documented struggles with lupus, said she had reached a point in her life where she at last feels contented.

"Part of me feels like I’m finally at a good place with everything in my life," the singer and actress told Rolling Stone in an interview published this week.

Promoting her new single Love On, Selena added her music felt as if it was coming “from a place of confidence” and highlights the “joy and curiosity” she has been feeling.

Although Selena cast doubts in January about whether she would continue making music, she has now explained she wants to work both as an actor and a singer-songwriter.

“I think it’s natural for people to take breaks, but I think for me, there is a whole other aspect to my life, pride and joy,” Selena said.

“I love film. I love TV. I just feel like I haven’t done a lot of the things that I want to do in that space. It’s not that it’s ‘no, never’, it’s more that I would like to explore that world a bit more and have the time to actually do that.”

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