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March, 19

Drake gives fan $25K so she can be a ‘rich baby mama’

Drake gave a pregnant fan $25,000 after a gig so she could be a "rich baby mama".

The rapper noticed a sign held up at his San Antonio concert, asking him to support a pregnant fan.

“I’m five months pregnant, can you be my Rich Baby Daddy?” the sign read, referencing Drake's song Rich Baby Daddy.

After spotting the sign, Drake, 37, read it aloud to the crowd before announcing he wanted to move the woman into the VIP section for the safety of her baby, as well as give her $25,000 (£20,000) towards raising her child.

“I don’t want to offend your real baby daddy, but I want to get you out of this pit and somewhere more safe, like VIP or some s**t," Drake told the fan.

"Because you can’t be pregnant and bouncing around when I start playing some of these slappers, we can’t have you getting pushed around.

"Second of all, I’d love to give you $25,000 so you can be a rich baby mama.”

It isn't the first time Drake has given money away on tour this year. In Kansas City, he pledged $160,000 (£126,999) to a bereaved fan who had inherited their mother's mortgage debt. At his Pittsburgh show, Drake promised $50,000 (£40,000) to a cancer survivor who held up a sign letting him know his music had helped them survive.

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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