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May, 27

Maluma thanks fans as wild weather halts Chicago festival

Maluma has paid tribute to the fans who braved the weather at the suspended Sueños Festival in Chicago.

Festival-goers were evacuated due to rain and thunderstorms, just minutes after the Magic singer had taken the stage in Chicago's Grant Park on Sunday 26 May.

At around 8pm local time, festival organisers sent out a message via email and social media.

"Weather evacuation, please calmly head to the nearest exit," they asked on Instagram.

"Unfortunately, event is over due to weather. Gates will not reopen."

The abrupt ending to the festival came hours after day two of the event had been delayed due to severe weather alerts.

Maluma took to social media to tell his fans he was indebted to them.

"The short time the weather allowed us to share together was the most chimba (best)," the Colombian singer wrote.

"Just when the best part was about to begin, the storm scared us away. I love you."

Mexican singer Peso Pluma was set to close on Sunday.

Just minutes after the festival was officially cancelled, he took to Instagram to share the update with his nearly 14 million followers.

"I have bad news," he said.

"I just left the festival, they are evacuating everyone, they evacuated me too.

"My set was cancelled because it's supposed to rain heavily here in Chicago, with thunder.

"City officials won't let the event go on today. I'll keep you updated once I hear more."

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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