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June, 4

Paloma Faith opens up about marriage breakdown in new memoir

Paloma Faith has opened up about her marriage breakdown in a new memoir.

The singer revealed she had not been single since she was 13 and had felt "terrified" of being alone, in her upcoming memoir, Milf: Motherhood, Identity, Love and F**kery.

Paloma split from artist Leyman Lahcine, 36, in 2022 after nine years together. They share two daughters, aged seven and three.

"I have never been alone. I had my first relationship at age 13 and that lasted three years," Paloma, 42, wrote. "The longest I have spent single was nine months, and even then I had people I was flirting with.

"Now I am single and the mother of two children with a failed relationship with their father and two subsequent failed attempts at relationships after that."

She went on to explain she had never been able to imagine herself outside of a relationship.

"I was convinced I was terrified of loneliness," Paloma admitted. "I was convinced I would not feel whole unless I attached myself to a couple, a team, a unit."

The Only Love Can Hurt Like This singer also revealed she has a conflicted relationship with the glamorous side of fame, particularly celebrity parties.

"Some of those events actually fill me with self doubt and anxiety," Paloma wrote.

"I might be dressed up and away from the kids for a night but quite often I'm hiding in the toilets texting my real friends about how I really feel."

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