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July, 1

Normani cancels BET Awards show due to injury

Normani has missed the 2024 BET Awards, where she was set to perform Sunday night, 30 June.

About a half hour before this year's show was set to begin, the Dopamine artist shared an update regarding her appearance at the show via an Instagram Story.

In a message to fans, Normani revealed she'd been hard at work preparing a performance for the event, but had been sidelined due to "a really bad accident while in rehearsals".

"I am devastated and hate feeling like a disappointment," wrote Normani, whose performance was teased in a BET Awards ad earlier in the weekend.

"Unfortunately due to my doctor's orders, I am just not able to make this performance happen."

Following this message she posted a snapshot of herself on crutches, sporting a walking brace, with her knee wrapped in a bandage.

Normani's note ended with an apology for having to bow out of the BET Awards so unexpectedly. "This is definitely NOT how I envisioned this weekend," she said. "But best believe I will be championing everyone from home tonight."

The BET Awards 2024 honours those who contribute to Black culture as writers, musicians, filmmakers, philanthropists and more.

Normani, who was a member of girl group Fifth Harmony, unveiled her long-awaited debut studio album, Dopamine, on 14 June.

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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