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April, 21

Brody Dalle happy to go it alone

Brody Dalle happy to go it alone

Brody Dalle has revealed she was "chronically depressed" while working on the Spinnerette album and didn't want to make any more music for a while.

The singer-songwriter was frontwoman of the alternative rock band when they released their award-winning debut eponymous album in 2009 but she has now gone solo.

Asked if there would be another Spinnerette album, she replied: "I'm just going to keep going on my own I think.

"I wasn't in a very good place when I made The Spinnerette album; I was chronically depressed, and I'd been taking medication to get me through it, but that made me feel like a zombie and like everything was beige.

"It took me a while to get it together and unfortunately it was all during that record coming out. I was in a real funk, and it was a while before I wanted to make music again."

Brody continued: "And now, I like being independent, and I want to learn how to produce on my own, and record on tape. I'm happy and enjoying making music more than I ever did."

The 35-year-old is set to release her debut solo record Diploid Love, which she revealed took her a while because she got pregnant with her second child.

"I was ready to go into the studio to work on the record and then I got pregnant, so I had a baby and that stopped me being able to make music," explained the singer, who has two children with her husband, Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme.

"I couldn't reach my guitar because of the bump, so that stopped me, physically and mentally. My brain felt like it was being drained out of me, it was all such a magical thing."

Diploid Love is released on April 28, and Brody tours the UK from April 21. For more information go to

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