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April, 8

Roberts writing for Cole album

Roberts writing for Cole album

Nicola Roberts has been working on tracks for ex-bandmate Cheryl Cole's new album.

The Girls Aloud stars have got together to create hits for Cheryl's upcoming album, and the X Factor judge praised her friend's musical skills.

According to the Daily Mirror, Cheryl, 30, said: "Nicola is like a little volcano just bubbling away waiting to erupt with hits."

Nicola, 28, said: "I have loved writing for Cheryl. Sometimes a heavy heart has come, being a best friend and writing from that perspective for her. Can't wait for you to hear her new music."

The biggest hit on Cheryl's last album was A Million Lights, which was written by Calvin Harris.

Her new album is expected later this year and she has been working with a range of writers and producers, including Eminem songwriter Jon Bellion and singer Joel Compass.

Joel said: "I'm doing some stuff for Cheryl's album. Basically, she played me a few things and it was kind of soulful."

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