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June, 30

Lionel honoured with lifetime award

Lionel honoured with lifetime award

Lionel Richie has revealed how his grandchildren have helped him come to terms with ageing, as he was honoured with a lifetime achievement award at a glittering ceremony.

The All Night Long singer performed a medley of his biggest hits during the BET Awards, including Hello and Easy, and later he revealed how proud he is of his body of work.

Speaking backstage after he collected the gong, he said: "It's magical. You always think - lifetime achievement award, that's grown up.

"I'm feeling extremely grown up tonight, I'm of proud of the fact that I survived it. A body of work is a body of work and I think that if you are lucky enough in this business to have years of song, as opposed to a couple of songs, it's something to be proud of."

The 65-year-old is grandfather to designer Nicole Richie's children Harlow and Sparrow and he said the youngsters have helped him accept he is getting older.

"It was frightening at first because you become 'poppop!' You know there was just nothing sexy sounding about granddad. And then one day I walked in and the door opened and these two little mice came out hugging and chased me down the hall and I realised if you want true love, they don't know what I do for a living. I'm just the guy that's the funny guy that chases them down the hallway. I'm having the greatest time of my life."

He also revealed the advice he gives Nicole about parenting, saying: "Kids is a responsibility. I mean honestly after you hold a baby for a minute, that's the last click you'll ever get of sanity.

"And then after that they grow up and start asking for the cars and then try to do the same tricks that you did on your mom and dad. And it's weird. But parenting is a challenge, you just have to understand that. And no matter whether you read a book or somebody told you about it, your situation is unique."

The BET Awards 2014 air in the UK tomorrow at 9pm on BET [Sky 187, Virgin Media 184 & Freesat 140].

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