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June, 30

Live in the moment, says Daltrey

Live in the moment, says Daltrey

The Who's frontman Roger Daltrey has criticised gig-goers who spend their time at gigs engrossed in using their mobile devices phones rather than actually watching the show.

The singer, 70, said it was "weird" that people did not have their mind on the show when they had gone to a performance and were concentrating on staring at the screen rather than the artist on stage.

His bandmate, guitarist Pete Townshend also lamented the modern phenomenon of audiences being more keen to let other people know what they were doing rather than simply enjoying the moment.

Many bands find themselves facing an array of cameraphones rather than meeting the eyes of the crowd, while members of the audience further back find themselves staring at the illuminated screens which are held aloft in front of them.

The performance artist Marin Abramovic recently barred visitors to her current exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in London from bringing in their devices in order for them to focus on the art she was creating.

Daltrey, who launched his band's 50th anniversary tour, admitted he struggled to understand why they were not watching the show.

He said: "I feel sorry for them, I really feel sorry for them. L ooking at life through a screen and not being in the moment totally - if you're doing that, you're 50 per cent there right? It's weird. I find it weird."

Townshend said he always embraced new technological developments but found it difficult to come to terms with the mobile phone viewers

"I do agree with Roger, if you've been to Glastonbury this weekend I hope you enjoyed the music rather than feeling you have to build a Facebook story about it."

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