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June, 18

Chris Martin a one-man band for vid

Chris Martin a one-man band for vid

Chris Martin has become a one-man band to shoot Coldplay's latest music video for A Sky Full Of Stars in Australia.

The Brit and Grammy-winning band's frontman took to the streets of Sydney with a guitar, drum kit and mini keyboard strapped to him.

But despite his one-man band kit, Chris was far from alone as fans queued up all night after Coldplay's manager announced on Twitter they could have a chance to appear in the video.

Along with crowds of fans following Chris as he strolled through the hipster area of Newtown strumming his guitar, Chris was also surrounded by several burly bouncers, before has joined by bandmates Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion wearing similar musical gear.

Coldplay manager Phil Harvey sent a tweet at 10pm on Monday night (June 16), asking for 250 people to come down to Newtown to be involved in the new video. They were told to come to the Court House Hotel at 11.30am on Tuesday morning, but by 10am it was already packed with fans singing Coldplay songs as they waited.

The plan was for the crowd to wait at a cross roads on King Street and Enmore Road. Coldplay would walk down King St and when they rounded the corner the fans had been told to "go crazy".

But more crowds gathered, following Chris like he was the Pied Piper and filming him on their mobile phones.

Louise Hubbard was one of the lucky fans who was able to get into the Court House Hotel.

She told the Australian Daily Telegraph: "I'm a massive fan. Me and my mum share a Coldplay song, Yellow, as our song, because I think Chris Martin wrote it about his mum having cancer, and my mum went through breast cancer."

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