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February, 24

Kinks frontman Ray Davies is planning an opera

Kinks frontman Ray Davies is planning an opera

The songwriter, whose hits include Waterloo Sunset, All Day And All Of The Night and Lola, told his biographer Johnny Rogan he had “a story I want to tell”.

Speaking to Rogan in his new book Ray Davies: A Complicated Life, he said: “I think it’s really important. I need to have meetings with opera people about it.

“I wrote the outline after I did Come Dancing. I’ve done some musical sketches for it. It’s a collaborative thing. I’m not Puccini. Directors are so important in opera and I’d really like to write this one.”

The band, who burst out of their native North London in 1964 with You Really Got Me, made their last album in 1993 and their final public performance took place in 1996.

Its three surviving members – Ray, his brother Dave and original drummer Mick Avory – have regularly hinted at a possible reunion.

The siblings have had a famously fractious relationship, regularly swapping insults and on occasion – punches – throughout their career.

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