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February, 28

Noel Gallagher looks to the future with 'Chasing Yesterday'

Noel Gallagher looks to the future with 'Chasing Yesterday'

Former Oasis star Noel Gallagher is putting his past behind him, releasing a new solo album, ruling out a reunion with his brother Liam and even being nice about one-time arch-rivals Blur.

Oasis split five years ago after nearly two decades of fractious sibling rivalry between guitarist Noel and his younger brother Liam, the band's frontman.

"I haven't seen him for about five months but we text quite a lot. It's usually him insulting me," laughs Gallagher, during an interview with AFP in London.

Liam's post-Oasis band Beady Eye recently broke up as well but he is quick to dismiss any suggestion of a reunion with his 42-year-old brother. "The answer is no," he says.

His new album "Chasing Yesterday", his second since the band split, is released on March 2 and features his signature combination of layered guitars and elliptical lyrics.

The star is full of enthusiasm for the life of a solo artist, perhaps recalling the arguments and dramas which accompanied Oasis's global success, selling 60 million albums and scoring hits like "Wonderwall" and "Don't Look Back In Anger".

"It's more rewarding, it's more fulfilling. I like being in charge of everything," he says. "I just write songs and I collect the songs together and I make an album out of them."

- Best singers are 'wild animals' -

Gallagher is now a 47-year-old family man with three children who is more likely to be found watching his beloved Manchester City than indulging a rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

His legendary bile towards musicians whose work he does not rate has not diminished with age.

"Beyonce, not for me. My wife loves her but she's got no taste. Katy Perry? Even my daughter hates her and she's 15. Sam Smith? Not for me," he says.

"Traditional rock stars are like wild animals -- Mick Jagger or my brother," he adds.

"They don't give a fuck. Modern rock stars, Alex Turner (of Arctic Monkeys) or Sergio from Kasabian, they do give a fuck, they care about their hair style, they care about what they think."

He is more forgiving towards Oasis's old Britpop rivals Blur, who this month announced their first new album in 12 years, "The Magic Whip".

"I think it will probably be very good if it in any way represents what Damon (Albarn, Blur's frontman) has been doing recently," Gallagher says.

"Old groups are great but what really lets old groups down, they don't fucking write good songs any more."

He does not even rule out working with Albarn in future.

"I would like to. We're both gonna be busy boys for the next couple of years. But you never know," he says.

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