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May, 23

James LaBrie releases making of documentary for Beautiful Shade Of Grey

Dream Theater singer James LaBrie releases his latest solo album, Beautiful Shade Of Grey, through InsideOut Music at the end of this week. To celebrate LaBrie has  launched a special 30-minute 'making of' video for the album which you can watch below.

"Man, I can’t believe it’s been two years since Paul [Logue, Eden's Curse] and I hooked up on this thrilling journey," exclaims LaBrie. "Paul’s musicality and his innate understanding of what I wanted to create in making these songs what they are, is simply a whole new experience for me. Being on the same page from the moment we put this into motion and concluding with such results, I’m speechless."

"Two years in the making and the day is finally here," adds Logue. "James, Chance, Marco, Chris and I put our hearts and souls into this record, leaving no stone unturned. It shows a new side to James' solo work with a collection of some of the most personal lyrics and songs he has written. His sense of melody and collaborative nature made writing with him an absolute joy... beautiful in fact! I have never been prouder in my musical career. Crank it and enjoy!” 

Logue plays acoustic rhythm guitar (both six & twelve string) and acoustic bass on the new album, while guitarist Marco Sfogli, who’s contributed on all of LaBrie’s solo albums since 2005’s Elements Of Persuasion, handled the leads and solos. Logue recruited Eden’s Curse keyboardist Christian Pulkkinen to lend his playing on the record, while the suggestion to recruit James’s son Chance to play drums would also come from Paul.

LaBrie has previously released videos for Give And Take, Devil In Drag and Am I Right,

Beautiful Shade Of Grey will be released as a limited CD digipak, 180g LP and CD and as digital album.

Photo: provided by LouderSound
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