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May, 16

Princess Beatrice has a Eurovision doppelgänger with the ‘same’ auburn hair

The fun and games of Eurovision are over for another year, and what a night it was. If you decided to give it a miss because you thought that the UK would end up with “nil points” for yet another year, you really did miss out, as Sam Ryder and his hit Space Man ended up coming in second place to Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra.

But, despite ending up towards the bottom of the leaderboard, another much-talked about moment actually came during Iceland’s performance. During sister trio Systur’s chilled-out country number, social media users couldn’t help but point out that one of the ladies looked royally similar to Princess Beatrice – and we have to admit, we can really see it.

Not only are Elísabet Eyþórsdóttir’s facial features similar to the royal’s, but she has the same auburn toned hair as Beatrice, meaning Twitter was full of jokes from Eurovision viewers likening the two women.

"Okay I know Princess Beatrice isn't actually performing for Iceland but it's still hard to believe [it’s not her]" one viewer tweeted, as another asked, "What is Princess Beatrice doing there?"

Meanwhile a third fan observed, "The one on the right does look creepily like Princess Beatrice. Love the country vibes" as a fourth joked, "This band consists of Claire from Steps, Jennifer Saunders and Princess Beatrice" in reference to the band’s two other members.

Even legendary commentator Graham Norton quipped, “special shout out to Princess Beatrice for tagging along at the end”.

However, Beatrice wasn’t the only royal name to be thrown around on social media during Systur’s performance – some viewers actually thought that the singer looked like the other York sister, Princess Eugenie.

"Is that Princess Eugenie in the Iceland lineup?" one quipped, as a second agreed, "The one on the right looks like Princess Eugenie".

"Good to see Princess Eugenie on the lead vocals for Iceland" a third joked, as a fourth added, "Claire from Steps teams up with Princess Eugenie".

Well, it’s good for Elísabet to know that she has a nice side hustle opportunity as a Beatrice or Eugenie lookalike should she ever need it.

Photo: Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli / WireImage
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