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May, 15

Eurovision winners Måneskin address cocaine controversy as they make epic return to show

Eurovision 2021 winners Måneskin returned to the stage tonight - and addressed their cocaine controversy.

The rock group - which includes vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Torchio - took to the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy tonight and fans were thrilled to see them back.

Last year, he was accused of snorting cocaine when he was seen leaning down towards the table behind a drinks bucket, and had to undergo a drugs test - which came back as negative.

After they performed, the lead singer Damiano was asked what advice he would give to the other contestants this year, as he told them, firstly to have fun and joked not to get close to the table.

Måneskin won the show last year with their track Zitti E Buoni, earning them a whopping 542 points in total as the voting public rushed to praise the group and put them ahead of second placed Barbara Pravi from France (499 points) and third placed Gjon, who hails from Switzerland and bagged themselves 432 points in total.

"I don't use drugs," Damiano said at the time during a winners press conference as he denied he had taken drugs, "Tomas broke a glass with his leg. I don't use cocaine … please don't say that."

Måneskin returned to the stage to perform their new single Supermodel, and ahead of their return to the show, they had been giving their tips for this year's contestants on how best to win the show.

"Just be yourselves! We just went there with the most unconventional song, and it went pretty well. Just do what you love and people will enjoy it," Victoria said.

Thomas added: "Search and do something different from the rest, something original and special!"

They recently penned a song in support of Ukraine.

Lead singer Damiano explained to Pop Crush: "I think as celebrities with many, many followers we have the chance not to directly change things, but to make people think about things, and build their own opinions and do something!

"If we are 5, 6, 7 million all aiming for the same goal It's going to be easier. And we have the power to reach so many people, so I feel like we have the responsibility of taking a stand in social topics and giving our opinion. Being unbiased is too old-fashioned."

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