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May, 15

Eurovision's Sam Ryder tipped to win as 'proud' fans confident of victory

Eurovision 2022 viewers were sure singer Sam Ryder had a clear shot at winning the song contest, after his performance on Saturday night.

The UK entry was the 22nd performance of the night, with many fans saying it was worth the wait.

After host Graham Norton claimed Space Man singer Sam was the UK's best hope for victory in years, it seems viewers were in agreement.

Sam took to the stage live in Turin, Italy, to give the performance of his life.

Performing his track Space Man to the crowd and the judges, and those tuning in at home, Sam pulled off an electric performance with his very impressive vocals.

Viewers loved the track and were won over by Sam, with many convinced he could have a huge shot at getting far in the contest.

With results yet to be revealed and voting ongoing at the time of the song, fans were sure they'd see Sam near the top of the scoreboard throughout the night - if not at the very top.

Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra are heavily tipped to take the trophy though, and have been frontrunners from the start.

But viewers believe the rap group, who performed their track Stefania, will face tough competition from UK entry Sam.

Taking to Twitter as Sam's performance came to an end on Saturday night, viewers shared their thoughts on whether this could be the UK's year for victory.

One viewer said: "Sam did the UK so damn proud! We can't end tonight on 0 points after that. We just can't..."

Another tweeted: "For the first time in my adult life, I am confident that the UK can win Eurovision tonight. A lovely feeling."

A third fan commented: "Sam Ryder has to win this easily the best," as a fourth wrote: "Sam is gonna win."

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