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August, 31

Bad Bunny celebrates Tití Me Preguntó reaching one billion streams

Bad Bunny has celebrated his hit song Tití Me Preguntó reaching one billion streams on Spotify.

The 29-year-old Puerto Rican singer was recently thrown a "Billions Brunch" by the platform - where he discussed the making of the song and his achievements, and thanked listeners for their support.

"The feeling of having one billion streams for this song right now is the same emotion I felt when I got 5,000 plays for the first time," the reggaeton star shared in a YouTube video of the event.

"For me, it's just as big knowing that there are people who want to listen and want to enjoy what you make."

Per Spotify's calculations, Bad Bunny has 12 songs that have surpassed one billion streams each - more than any other artist in Spotify history. In all, he has racked up 58 billion streams on the platform.

In the song, Bad Bunny - real name Benito Ocasio - raps and sings about an aunt who nags him about when he's going to settle down with one woman.

"All of the people mentioned in the song exist in real life," he explained. "Nothing I say in that song is a lie, including the part where I say I want to fall in love but I can't."

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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