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November, 4

Flea details the most painful injuries he suffered during shows

Flea has recalled the most painful injuries he has suffered during performances.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist and founding member has looked back on some of the most memorable injuries that he has suffered while performing on stage.

"I've been hit in the head with a flying bottle back in the day," he told Sean Evans during an episode of Hot Ones. "I've been spit on numerous times."

Flea, real name Michael Balzary, continued, "You know one time Anthony (Kiedis) was swinging around a microphone like that (pretends to swing a microphone around) and he boom clocked me in the head, took me out."

The 61-year-old rocker noted that he also injured himself with his own bass guitar.

"I've hit myself in the face with my bass. One time, I have like a scar in my head somewhere from when I cut my head open, you know, like bam (pretends to hit his head), like that," he admitted.

The six-time Grammy Award-winning artist also told Sean that he used to do a flip during his performances and the stunt didn't always go to plan.

"I used to do a flip, you know, onto my back while I was playing and that f**ked me up a bunch of times," he stated. "Of course, a lot of long-term wear and tear from, you know, going bonkers, but honestly, to be honest, it's mostly emotional pain."

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