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January, 2

Blac Chyna details 'painful' breast reduction surgery

Black Chyna has opened up on a "painful" breast reduction surgery she underwent In December.

The former reality star - real name Angela White - took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal she went under the knife again last month due to complications from a "life changing" breast and butt reduction operation in March 2023.

"Hey guys, Happy New Year's. Yep, I did it again," the model and influencer began a black-and-white video post.

"Quick story time about the breasts: So earlier this year, I was like, 'You know what? I want to take out my boobs. I'm kind of over it. I'm tired of fake look. They're too big for my body, too big for my frame, and it just doesn't fit me as a person anymore.'"

Chyna, 35, said the doctor suggested she go "smaller" to see how her skin retracts. The model revealed she decided to reduce her implant size from 585 to 385 cubic centimetres, however complications ensued.

"My left breast was encapsulated where the muscle had contracted around the implant," she explained, "and it just was so painful."

The Doom rapper revealed her second surgery, which she underwent on 21 December, reduced her breast size down to 190cc to prevent her boobs from being "mush" and causing further issues.

"These surgeries are so expensive to where it's though, like, really something I have to keep up keeping," she added.

Despite the complications, Chyna told her followers she is "very happy" and "excited" to be part of the "Itty Bitty Titty Committee".

The mother of two concluded her post by giving props her fans.

"I'm just really excited for 2024," she said in the video. "Like 2023 really showed me a lot about myself and you guys were right there and supporting me, and I just can't thank y'all enough."

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