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January, 3

Bebe Rexha felt heartbroken when she wasn't initially credited as singer on Hey Mama

Bebe Rexha was heartbroken when she wasn't originally credited as a featured artist on David Guetta's 2015 song Hey Mama.

The Meant to Be singer co-wrote the track and recorded the chorus and background vocals, however, she wasn't named as a featured artist alongside Nicki Minaj and Afrojack when the track first appeared on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube and wasn't invited to be in the music video.

The successful song became Bebe's first as a vocalist to chart in the Billboard top 10, but she admitted the moment was "bittersweet" due the lack of recognition.

"That was really heartbreaking for me because my voice was literally on the song," the pop star told People, adding that she felt her former team didn't advocate for her at the time. "I put my foot down at some point, and maybe it was a little too late, because even 'til this day when I perform it, people's eyes open up, and they're like, 'Wait, this is Bebe? What the hell?' And that's the story of my life."

Bebe reached out to the DJ's team to express her disappointment and she was officially credited as a featured artist shortly after the song's release.

The track marked her first collaboration with the French EDM star, who she has since teamed up with on songs such as Say My Name 2021, Family, I'm Good (Blue) and One in a Million.

The 34-year-old noted that she doesn't hold any "grudges" over the Hey Mama experience and stated, "You live and you learn, and that was part of my journey. We've created a stronger relationship since then."

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