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June, 7

Maya Hawke lost her voice for six months after playing a pig

Maya Hawke has recalled losing her voice for six months after performing as a pig in a musical.

The 25-year-old actress is best known for playing Robin Buckley in the Netflix smash series Stranger Things but she is also enjoying a growing music career.

The American star, who is the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, can't sing as powerfully as she could in her youth, however, due to an unexpected vocal injury.

She told Variety, "My voice as a singer is very limited, the range. I don't belt.

"I had a stronger voice as a teenager, then I got vocal nodules during drama school when I played Napoleon the Pig in a musical version of Animal Farm, and lost my voice for six months."

Expanding further, she continued, "I didn't get surgery because I didn't want to lose the spirit of my voice, but I've been working on it. Besides, when I speak, I talk really loud, and say so many words. I am, however, proud of my voice as an actor and try to carry on the thing that I do like about me into my music, instead of crying into my pillow about the fact that I can't do a run like Ariana Grande."

The star, who released her third album, Chaos Angel, last month, added, "What can I do? Put personality, character and storytelling into a vocal moment."

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Source: Cover Media
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