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June, 9

Ben Platt opens up about meaning behind new album title

Ben Platt has opened up about the meaning behind his latest album title, Honeymind.

The singer and actor explained to U.S. Vogue why he chose the title Honeymind for his latest album, which was released on 27 May.

"I was on a hike with (my fiancé) Noah (Galvin) and we were talking about very mushy things," Ben, 30, shared. "It essentially was a kind of physical manifestation of being in love... slash being on drugs at the time, but mostly in love, and what it does to your brain."

"I'm a very anxious person. I found that my relationship has been a really beautiful antidote and calming agent," he continued. "So I imagine, in a visual sense, that it covers all the difficult things in my mind with something sweet and warm and soft, and honey came to mind, so I wrote a song called Honeymind and thought it was a beautiful moniker for the whole record."

Elsewhere in the interview, the Pitch Perfect star opened up about writing songs about his experiences as a queer man.

"I mean, first and foremost I write about what's happening to me and what has happened to me; it's all I really know how to write about," he explained. "So naturally that's going to be a very expressly queer experience in many ways."

Ben noted that he doesn't hold back when it comes to sharing personal details in his music.

"It won't feel universal unless it's very specific, so it never occurred to me to edit the details or the specifics of the experience back for any reason," he told the publication.

Ben and Noah began dating in December 2020 and announced their engagement in November 2022.

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