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June, 11

Adele forced to panic buy her favourite Spanx

Adele has been forced to stock up on her favourite brand of underwear before they disappear from shelves.

The Rolling In The Deep icon says she "trusts" the support offered by the shaping underwear company Spanx.

But she has been distressed to learn her favourite style designed by the brand is soon to be discontinued.

The MailOnline quotes Adele telling an audience at her Las Vegas show over the weekend, "Spanx. I trust them. I've been wearing them since I was about 16, so I trust them. It's like half of my life. I trust them with my life. And my favourite pair of Spanx are full body Spanx.

"I know they're not sexy. But I like to feel safe in all dresses. I know that my lumps and bumps that I love are contained."

She continued, "Well, they decided to just discontinue my favourite pair of Spanx. So everyone I know has been panic buying whatever is left at the stores. So Spanx were very kind, they gave us all the ones that they had left, but obviously there's lots of stores that stopped them.

"But probably they are not that many other people want to wear full-body Spanx, especially in f***ing Vegas - it's boiling."

Adele went on to say she has enlisted the help of a friend to track down as much stock as they can get their hands on.

She said: "So we've been panic buying and the ones that got put in my dressing room today, definitely were not a large and they were definitely a small."

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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