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June, 15

Miranda Lambert 'had a blast' performing with Reba McEntire at Stagecoach Festival

Miranda Lambert "had a blast" bringing out Reba McEntire as a surprise guest during her set at Stagecoach Festival in April.

The singer thrilled fans when she brought the country music icon out to perform three songs - Fancy, Mama's Broken Heart and Gunpowder & Lead - during her headlining set at the California festival on 27 April.

Reflecting on the experience, Miranda told Variety, "Reba and I haven't got to do much together in the past, but obviously she's a hero. She's such a pro and she's so sweet, and we had a blast together and I feel like it felt really right."

She explained that she wanted to up the ante for her fifth Stagecoach appearance and her husband Brendan McLoughlin encouraged her to reach out to her dream guest.

"I wanted to deliver. I thought to myself, who (could be a guest)," she continued. "My husband was asking me, 'Who's your dream, on your wishlist?' And I'm like, 'Well, Reba is number one.' He was like, 'Well, then just ask her.' So I did, and she said yes, and it was awesome."

When the reporter suggested that Miranda and Reba could capitalise on the success of their duet with a co-headlining tour, she replied, "Sending that out into the universe. I love that idea."

Miranda, who wrapped her Velvet Rodeo residency in Las Vegas in April, is currently performing select concerts in North America this summer before embarking on a full tour next year.

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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