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June, 17

Missy Elliott teases release of 'six albums worth' of new music

Missy Elliott has teased her fans that they will hear a barrage of new music from her "sooner than later".

It has been an agonising nineteen years since the music icon released her last album, 2005's The Cookbook.

But Missy has not been resting on her laurels and insists that she has created six albums worth of new music since her last studio album was unleashed.

In April, Missy announced that she is going on her first-ever headlining tour this year along with Ciara and Busta Rhymes with the Out of This World: The Missy Elliott Experience Tour, which is set to wow fans in North America from early July until late August.

Promoting the tour with Variety, the Get Ur Freak On star hinted that a new album is imminent, saying, "When you are a writer and a producer, I'm quite sure I can probably speak for a lot of those types of people, that they're recording all the time. So I probably have at least six albums worth of music at this point.

"Yeah. And (long-time collaborator and producer Timbaland) is always saying that to me, 'What you waiting for? So what you waiting for then?' I be like, I don't know."

She added, "But yeah, I believe that it'll be a day that everybody's going on about their way, and then you just look online and see an album date from me. So yeah, I think that'll happen sooner than later."

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