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July, 11

Joe Jonas asked for his brothers' blessing to make new solo album

Joe Jonas has revealed he asked for his brothers' blessing to make a new solo album.

The star wanted to make sure his Jonas Brothers bandmates Nick and Kevin were happy with him working on his own material. After they gave the go ahead, Joe "locked himself away" and crafted the record in just a few weeks.

"I asked my brothers' blessings, and I was like, hey, I wanna go work on - I don't wanna call it solo, but I want to go do something on my own," he explained during an appearance on Jake Shane's Therapuss. "And I don't feel like it's DNCE, and I need to go just express some stuff for myself. And they're like, 'Go for it.'"

He added: "Nick booked a movie. Kevin was going to do another season of Claim To Fame, and so I had a window of time, and I locked myself away."

Joe's new single Work It Out, which will be released on 19 July, was originally set to appear on a Jonas Brothers album.

However, the 34-year-old star felt such a deep connection to the track he felt compelled to record it by himself.

"I was listening to it, and I was like, 'Damn, I really like this song,'" Joe recalled. "I was starting to feel like I don't know why, but I want this song for myself - not just the Brothers - and I also feel like it's not DNCE, which is another band I'm in."

Joe also shared that his new material is the "most personal music" he has ever released.

The star took to Instagram this week and revealed he can't wait for fans to hear the album.

"I'm both excited and emotional as I'm gearing up to release new music," he wrote.

"I'm humbled and grateful to collaborate with some of my favourite musicians and creators. I hope you find as much happiness and peace as I do when you listen to these songs."

Joe is yet to confirm a release date for the album, but has promised it will be out later this year.

It has been 13 years since the release of his debut solo album Fast Life.

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