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February, 15

La Roux's delight at Grammy win

La Roux's delight at Grammy win

La Roux's Elly Jackson says she never imagined the electro-pop duo would make it big in America.

After picking up a Grammy for Best Electronic/Dance album, the Bulletproof singer told media backstage she hadn't ever thought about making it Stateside.

"My dad always asked me if I thought I'd break America and I was always like 'shut up!' so it's very good to be wrong in that case," Elly laughed, holding up her Grammy.

She admitted: "It's an incredible day for us, we never thought this would happen to us so early in our career."

The 22-year-old told reporters that she and keyboardist Ben Langmaid aren't rushing to put out another album straight away.

"We're doing a new record but we've only just come off tour so we need to take some time out, we haven't really had time to process what's happened to us," she confessed.

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