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February, 27

Kanye to make 'kid-friendly' music

Kanye to make 'kid-friendly' music

Kanye West has talked about how his daughter has influenced his music and whether it will be more child friendly now.

The rapper appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers where he spoke about how becoming a father had changed the way he works.

Asked whether North, his daughter with Kim Kardashian, would inspire his music, Kanye replied: " Yeah, totally. Everything, and my approach to life. It's changed it."

Seth joked: "So very kid-friendly songs? Are you the new Wiggles?"

Kanye replied: "I think artistic, intellectual kid-friendly songs. Meaning, like, you go to Europe there's nudity on TV.

"So it's all in the way you're raised and have an understanding and appreciation for what you're looking at, what you're hearing, and why you're hearing it. If you think about the Yeezus album, cursing was definitely necessary. It would be like if you asked Quentin Tarantino, 'You going to make G-rated movies?' It's Quentin Tarantino!"

When Seth praised him for being able to drop swearing from TV performances, Kanye joked: "Dropping cursing is the least of my worries creatively."

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