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February, 28

Two Door's third album pressures

Two Door Cinema Club have said that writing their third album feels like it is their first stab at a record as it's so different each time.

Bass player Kevin Baird said the band were trying to take some of the pressure off themselves while working on their upcoming release.

He explained: "At the moment, we're discovering what it's going to be like ourselves, we're just at the beginning of the writing process.

"You realise when you get to the third album, it may be your third record but you still have no experience of doing it, because the first one was so different to the second, and the second was so different to the third in terms of pressures around writing it.

"So this one, we're trying to go back to a similar way as the first one we did, which was zero pressure. We're just taking some time off the road and enjoying doing some DIY at home and writing some songs leisurely in the afternoons."

Kevin also hinted there may be some collaborations to look out for on the next album.

He said: "Collaborations are always something we've seen merit in and if it's the right person for the right thing, then definitely.

"There are a lot of brilliant people who we'd love to work with, not anyone that we're able to divulge just yet but we have a lot of ideas in mind."

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