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June, 29

Petition for Oscar Peterson train station launched

A petition has been opened to name a train station after Oscar Peterson in his home city of Montreal in Canada.

The eight-time Grammy Award-winning jazz pianist is considered to be one of the greatest of all time.

The petition reads, "our city should honour the incredible accomplishments that Oscar Peterson achieved by renaming Lionel Groulx metro station as Oscar Peterson metro station. This allows Montréal to celebrate the legacy of a man who has proudly represented our city on the international stage and allows our city to celebrate the beautiful cultural diversity and representation that black Montrealers bring to our city."

© Oscar Peterson (Hans Bernhard - Munich, 1977)

Kelly Peterson - the widow of the late pianist - reportedly told the Canadian press "I love the Idea, I love the idea of Oscar being honoured... It always really warms my heart and thrills me to see him being remembered".

The piano giant grew up and learned his trade in the Little Burgundy area. Campaigners say Peterson embodies the image of the great vibrant, multicultural metropolis open to the world. Over 18,500 people have signed it so far on

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